A-Z Gardening in Zone 3-4

For the organic gardner struggling in the short season climate

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It’s Official!

Tim bringing back the tiller from a spring tune up at his house.

Spring has arrived in zone 3-4, the tree frogs have started peeping. I really enjoy laying in bed at night listening to the peepers, it’s music to my ears. This is my favorite time of year. I know that spring has arrived and that soon we will be planting the garden. We may still have at least two more snow events before May. On occasion we have had significant snow in May. I’ve gone to bed when the temperature was in the 50’s and woke up to 6″ of snow on the ground on May 16 th. We had to jump out of bed and run outside to shake the snow off the fruit trees in order to keep the damage to a minimum. Snow in May usually melts by the afternoon although I remember one time it staying on the ground for about 2 days.

Linda came over on April 7 th and we planted the peas and lettuce in the garden. We usually plant peas on Good Friday, however, this Good Friday was on March 21st, and the garden was covered with ice and snow. We also started our herbs, leeks and bunching onions. We will transplant the leeks and bunching onions when they get big enough. They are frost hardy so it doesn’t matter when you transplant them into the garden. The herbs were put on the germination stand until they come up and then will go on the front porch until they can go into the greenhouse.

The daffodils are peeking up out of the ground and the crocus are blooming. Thank goodness for crocus, it’s so nice to have such bright and deep colors when everything is so drab. Last fall I planted 80 crocus in my front yard flower bed, it’s 5’x10′. That bed also has daffodils and is planted with annuals in June for summer color.

It’s also time to prune the apple trees, blueberry bushes and ornamentals. From here on out, life gets very busy.


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The First Day Of Spring?

first day of springIt’s the first day of spring and it’s 28 degrees F with a stiff wind that makes it feel like 18 degrees F. We had a dusting of snow this morning with more on the way. Compared to other first day’s of spring this is a cake walk. I’ve seen 3 feet of snow on the ground with snow blowing horizontally with a temperature of 20 degrees F. I can remember looking out the window at such a scene saying to my self, “Yeah, right, first day of spring”.

It’s hard to believe but, in a few weeks it will be sunny and 70 degrees F and winter will be a forgotten memory. Such is the weather is zone 3-4.

Today is the second day of spring, we now have 3″ of snow on the ground and have a temperature of 20 degrees F. Last night it was in the teens and will be for at least the next 5 nights. It’s not officially spring around here until the tree frogs sing.