A-Z Gardening in Zone 3-4

For the organic gardner struggling in the short season climate


Catalogs that sell what you need to work your garden and to keep your greenhouse growing

So many catalogs so little time

Arbico Organics, this catalog features live beneficial insect, insect eggs, bumblee hives, and nematodes for the control of insect pests and desieses, natural insect pest control, pest problem solver, deer and small animal deterrents, fruit tree care products, plant disease preventative and control products, lawn care, weed control, soil care, fertilizers, worms, worm factory, composting supplies, botanicals, ant and roach control, horse products, pet care products, live and dried bird food,

Gardens Alive, this catalog features natural products for the home and garden such as fertilizers, insect and slug control, disease control, deer and small animal deterrents, fungicides, soil activators, beneficial insects, bird netting and row covers. Also has guides to help you recognize and treat naturally common insect pest, plant diseases and mineral deficiencies in vegetable and fruit crops and a selection of organic seeds and plants.

Gardeners Edge, this catalog features seed starting kits and supplies, upside down tomato pouches, bamboo and steel plant stakes, trellises, trellis netting, plant supports, wood chippers, compost makers and supplies, garden carts, wagons, wheelbarrows, rakes, hoes, hand tools, garden pins (used to hold down plastic and row covers), sprayers, hand mowers, lawn equipment, deer and small animal deterrents, arbors, pruning and hedging tools, watering supplies, and fountains.

Spray-N-Grow, this catalog features natural soil amendments, insect control, deer and small animal deterrents, compost makers and supplies and supplies, back pack sprayers, hand push sprayers, hand mowers, rakes and natural weed controls.

Gardner’s Supply Company, this catalog features seed starting kits and supplies, living wall planters, outdoor furniture, all weather rugs, garden containers, hand crank radios, self watering planters, deck planters, rain barrels, composting pails, compost makers and supplies, raised bed supplies, garden whimsies, tomato cages, plant stakes, and garden scoots.

Kinsman Company, This catalog features basket planters and basket liners, ornate ironwork patio stands, window box planters, stands for window boxes, wall planters,imperial hanging planters, hay-rack planters, cascade planters, cradle planters, European classic urns, cauldron planters, peacock planters, conical hanging baskets, old fashioned hanging baskets, sheet moss, Oregon green moss, down under pots and stands, tiered plant stands, arches, rose pillar obelisks, Moravian rose pillars, plant supports, trimming shears, floral frogs, watering cans, bird feeders, bird houses, rooting supplies, compost bins, trugs, trug-tubs, pruners, sharpeners, planters, pot feet and globes.

Lehman’s, This catalog features garden seeders, garden tools, low tech cultivators, push mowers, push cultivators, non-electric floor sweepers, insect traps, hand wringers, lawn furniture, cleaning products, children’s gardening tools and toys, household products, Aladdin oil lamps, canners and canning supplies, juicers, baking supplies, flour grinders, grain mills, hand crank ice cream makers.

Growers Supply, this catalog features garden and nursery supplies, greenhouses, greenhouse equipment and supplies, row covers, plastic mulch, ground covers, fencing, garden equipment, sprayers, drip irrigation supplies, and deer and small animal deterrent. If you are looking for savings on overstock and closeout inventory go to www.growerssupply.com/closeouts

Charley’s Greenhouse & Garden,this catalog features greenhouses, greenhouse supplies, seed starting kits and supplies, potting benches, copper tape snail and slug barriers, watering supplies, orchid supplies, fertilizers, compost makers and supplies, earth worms, garden tools, deer and small animal deterrents and repellents.

Real Goods, Solar Living, this catalog features everything you could possible want inorder to convert to solar living and then some.

Indiana Berry & Plant co. e-mail inberry@psci.net or phone 1-800-295-2226. This catalog features, all kinds of berry plants, grapes, asparagus, pawpaw, Rhubarb, seaberry and lingonberry, cranberry , kiwi, elderberries, berry boxes and crates, and promotional supplies.



Some necessary gardening tools

wagons-and-cart.jpg Wagons and cart and turtle’s, oh my

The wagon in the forefront was purchased for my children many years ago. Since my children were all grown I started using it as a pull behind with my garden hopper so I wouldn’t have to get up so many times to put weeds on the compost pile or feed to my chickens. When it became obvious that it was a great way to weed, I purchased a big foot wagon that had an anti turnover device, my kids wagon did not. Having to pick up a fallen over load of weeds was a pain. A few years ago the wagons, which had been in use for about 8 years, got a new coat of paint as seen in this picture.

These two red wagons, gardening cart and my step 2 garden hopper, affectionately known as “the turtle”, not shown here, have been my most necessary garden tools. The step 2 garden hopper, I have 6, has a seat, 4 wide wheels, a place to store tools and a beverage holder. You can scoot this handy little hopper up and down between the rows while weeding, especially if you have arthritis or if you have difficulty bending down for long periods of time. The step 2 garden hopper can be found at Ace Hardware or K-mart, or you can go to, Step 2 garden hopper, scoot . This past gardening season I wrecked my big foot wagon while trying to unload rocks. The rear wheel assembly collapsed when I tried to dump them out. I guess being 10 years old or maybe too many rocks was more that it could handle.

There have been some really good improvements in wagons since the last time I bought one. They now make utility wagons in various sizes with sides that fold down, good for hauling baled hay, bags of mulch and my big rose bush pots. There is also a larger big foot wagon with higher sides, good for loading on more weeds with less getting up and down to dispose of them. I purchased 2 utility wagons and 1 big foot wagon. They’re patiently waiting for me to assemble them. I guess I better get going, it will be spring soon.